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A Bike Tour Through Kyoto Like No Other

When guiding our popular Kyoto Bike Tours, travellers often ask us how we managed to put together such fabulous tours of Kyoto’s best-kept secrets. The recipe for our tours’ success comes down to the simple idea of giving our guests the feeling of being guided through Kyoto by a good local friend. And it was with this concept that we sought-out to show our guests a blend of both the must-see Kyoto attractions and our own personal collection of favorite Zen garden settings, away from the crowds. It’s not surprising that these feelings have been expressed and realized multiple times through online reviews, as it was our concept from the very beginning. 

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Away from the crowds on a tour with just your family or friends.

An outing with us is a bike tour through Kyoto like no other – we strive to show you the very best of the city, taking you through amazing environments that would otherwise have been difficult to experience on your own. We pride ourselves on our sophisticated guides that impart their decades worth of local knowledge as long-term foreign residents, allowing for a fun and unique perspective of Kyoto’s many contrasts.

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Beautifully curated routes

The strengths of our guides, carefully curated Kyoto bike routes, and tours that will truly be the highlight of your trip, make us Kyoto’s premier bike tour company. Come join us!

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