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Bespoke & Personalized Kyoto Experiences

Kyoto Experiences

Zen Meditation

Allow us to book seated meditation experiences in an exclusive Zen Temple environment. Learn about the importance of this ancient tradition which is even more relevant in today’s busy world, and allow yourself some quiet moments of mindfulness.

Maiko Experiences

We have exclusive relationships and access to the Maiko and Geisha world in Kyoto. Allow us to arrange this unique and traditional entertainment for private groups.

Japanese Tea Ceremony

Enjoy a tea ceremony in a tranquil Zen garden setting. Share with us this unique Japanese aesthetic and meditative practice, which is steeped in traditional Japanese craft, art, and refinement.

Bespoke Walking Tours

We’ve spent years developing the best walking tours to match our guests personalized holiday style. From hiking Kyoto’s most scenic nature spots, to urban exploration with the best shopping.

Morning Temple Chanting

A very exclusive experience where our guests can witness the early morning temple chanting ritually performed by Buddhist Priests. A truly unique Kyoto Experience.

Transfers and Private Vehicles

As a licensed Destination Management Company, we can easily arrange a variety of options for private cars, vans, and buses throughout the region.

Boutique & Immersive Travel

Your Perfect Trip

Japan Tours & Travel Arrangements

Destination Management Company

We are a small team of Canadians and Japanese with comprehensive experience in the luxury travel industry.

Over the years we have worked successfully with a select group of Luxury Travel Tour Operators from abroad- curating the perfect Japan trip, exactly as the travellers envisioned it.

Boutique Japanese Inns & Luxury Properties, Picturesque Walking and Biking Tours, Exclusive Cultural Experiences.

To start planning the perfect trip for your group, contact us for a consultation to explore some ideas in Kyoto and beyond.

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