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On December 5th, NORU KYOTO welcomed close to 30 avid road cyclists in the local community to participate in our bimonthly shop ride-out.


Both Japanese and foreign residents alike turned up at NORU KYOTO for our third instalment of cycling adventure in the neighbouring Kyoto mountains to the North.


Espresso was flowing, freshly baked cakes were quickly being gobbled down as we prepped to set out on the classic “Heart Loop”, a local favourite which forms the image of a heart when tracked by GPS.


A little different from our popular Kyoto City Cycling Tours which are a maximum of 8 people, this group was LONG! It was a fantastic feeling as we made our way up Senbon street towards the mountains, perhaps the largest bike ride in Kyoto!


We paused for a quick photo before the first climb, knowing that it would be difficult to capture everyone on the quiet but narrow mountain roads to come.




One more slightly separated group picture before everyone would be dispersed into smaller groups as we navigated beautiful forest roads.


What a fantastic turnout of cyclists from all over the world.  The cycling scene in Kyoto is definitely growing and we at NORU KYOTO were grateful to host this enormous event.

Thanks again to everyone who participated!  We look forward to more amazing group rides in 2016!