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We are pleased to announce our participation in the 2016 Rapha Prestige held in Kamikatsu Tokushima, a small town that is known for its mountainous landscape, deep valleys, and beautiful plateaus of rice fields.

NORU Kyoto’s team this year is an international mix of riders from Canada, America, Germany, and Finland. All long-term residents of Kyoto, the team is looking forward to this celebrated cycling event that features over 150 kilometres and 3000 meters of climbing. The 2016 Rapha Prestige takes place on April 9th, and is comprised of 25 teams from both inside and outside Japan.  The event promises to be an epic ride as well as a fantastic opportunity to celebrate cycling culture with riders from afar, and the abundance of Japanese craft beers at the after-party will surely bring relief to our weary legs!

On an interesting side note, Kamikatsu made international headlines when it announced plans to be completely waste-free my 2020. It now recycles about 80 percent of its garbage, with only 20 percent going to landfills. Cool!


Stay tuned!