Chapeau! Men’s Merino Long Sleeve Base Layer

¥9,500 ¥3,000

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Sizing and Features


Slim FittingNatural FibreLightweightOdour Resistant

Size Chart

Regular Fit
Extra Small (XS)
34 inches
23 inches
Small (S)
36 inches
25 inches
Medium (M)
38 inches
28 inches
Large (L)
41 inches
30 inches
Extra Large (XL)
44 inches
31 inches
Extra Extra Large (XXL)
47 inches
33 inches


Our lightweight merino Base Layer is designed to sit against the skin underneath a jersey or jacket. With a snug performance fit you’ll barely notice it’s there, apart from the sense of warmth and comfort. Perfect for rides from Autumn through to Spring.


The wonder of woolies


Ah, merino! Forget modern scientific wizardry, merino is the original technical fibre. Merino has had a renaissance in recent years with cyclists and other outdoor athletes realising that merino has natural properties no modern fabric can replicate.


It was the Spanish who developed the merino breed back in the 13th and 14th centuries, crossbreeding from imported English breeds. So highly prized was the resulting wool that exporting merino sheep from Spain was punishable by death until the 18th century.


Woven into a fabric as soft as silk and barely thicker, it seems extraordinary that something so thin can be so warm. The secret is that merino fibres are incredibly fine, barely a quarter the thickness of a human hair, so they trap air much more effectively. Not only that, merino fibres also wick sweat away without feeling clammy against the skin. That’s important, because the chilling effect of air over damp fabric can be a real problem in cold conditions. Merino retains warmth even when wet, which makes it perfect for winter rides. Finally, merino has natural anti-microbial properties which prevents unpleasant odours from building up. We don’t recommend never washing your merino kit, but it’s nice to know that you won’t be turned away from cafes while on tour! None of these properties rely on artifical treatments, it’s all down to nature.

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