Vulpine Men’s Harrington Rain Jacket Charcoal


>The Harrington is a British street design classic. Utilising superbly breathable rain-resistant Epic™ Cotton, we’ve added our attention to detail and cut it for cycling.
>The Harringtonとは非常に通気性のよい防水のEpic綿を使用し、ディテールに注意を払い、サイクリング使用にかえました。
>Ideal for commuting and urban riding in heavy showers or persistent light rain.
>Suggested temperature range 6°C – 18°C. Wear with Long Sleeve Merino Polo in the cold.
>お勧めの気温範囲 6-18度寒い日にはmerino poloの長袖と一緒に着ることをお勧めします。



Our Harrington Jacket is a beautifully tailored and finished cycling garment for all-year round wear. Our best selling jacket is the ultimate urban cycling and commuting garment, based on a British Mod classic design (but we did away with the tartan lining).


Made from tough, silicon treated Epic™ Cotton, this is deliberately not the most waterproof jacket we could have made. Why on earth not?…Breathability. What’s the point in being fully waterproof, if you’re so hot and sweaty you get soaking wet anyway? So we’ve built a jacket that will withstand all but 2+ hours of heavy rain or persistent torrential rain. In return you’ll arrive dry, feeling far more comfortable and certainly not boiled in your own bag.

強くシリコン処理されたEpic綿から作られており、わざと特に防水ではないジャケットとなっています。ではなぜそうしなかったのか?通気性です。とにかく熱くて汗をかいて、どっちにしてもびっしょり濡れるというのに、完全に防水にする意味はあるのでしょうか? それらを踏まえて、私どもは2時間くらいの大雨やしつこい豪雨には耐えうるジャケットを作ったのです。その代わり濡れずに済み、より心地よくジャケットのなかで煮えるような暑さを味わわなくてよいのです。

If you’re unsure whether to choose an Original or a Harrington, the difference is in the features. The Harrington is a simpler urban jacket with adjustable reflective waist adjusters, a high cut neck and waterproof zips, with a rear valuables pocket. Whereas you have the reflective cuffs and shoulders, adjustable neck and hips, plus a removable Splash Guard on the Original. Both are made from the same fabric, with the same fit.


The casual jacket of choice for famous cyclists and not so famous cyclists around the world, the quality, performance and style of the Harrington is outstanding.


“An ideal addition to any cyclist’s wardrobe. A definite winner. A garment that looks as smart off the bike as on it” – The Telegraph

“A stylish, breathable jacket for year-round riding” 10 Best Cycling Jackets, The Independent

“43.5/50. It’s superbly well made and is highly adaptable all year round. A Discerning Cyclist’s must” – The Discerning Cyclist

“5/5. As with all of the Vulpine gear that I’ve experienced so far, the attention to detail is fantastic” – London Cyclist

“It doesn’t make me sweat, it’s like some kind of bloody magic. The tailoring. Just the tailoring. Bloody gorgeous” – Top 5 Winter Jackets, Cyclr