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On a recent pop-in to one of our local Kyoto Shrines, I had on of those moments when you really start to realize the little things. Japan is a country that is awash in the details, and sometimes a conscious effort to take notice can be really rewarding. As many know, cycling tours are a perfect way to experience a city like Kyoto without being rushed, but still covering a lot of ground along the way. The difference with our tours as I’ve been told, is that we actually take time to go in to the different environments, and without giving a history lesson, share our perspective on a specific shrine or temple’s design, craft, and cultural significance.

There are so many to list, but on this particular day I took specific notice to a shrine’s wood joinery, tapering, and lavish Guilding. I took a quick picture to capture its beauty. Always something new to see in Kyoto!

In Japan, people receive their written oracles at shrines, tying up the not-so-lucky ones to remove their evil fortunes.


Important contributors to Shinto shrines get their names put on display.