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NORU Kyoto Team Kitは、NORUでも販売しているイギリスブランド、Chapeau!によってデザイン、最高の生地を使って、ヨーロッパ製でつくられました!



ビブのみ通常価格 15,300円

ジャージのみ通常価格 13,200円

セット通常価格 26,000円
The NORU Kyoto Team Kit sample is here!
The NORU Kyoto Team Kit has been designed by Chapaeu! and manufactured in Europe with the best of materials and details. Please come by the shop to see our sample and make a pre-order today.
Pre-order costs will be JPY 18,000 for the jersey and bib shorts.
List price for the set will be JPY 26,000. List for jerseys will be JPY 13,200 and classic bib shorts will be listed at JPY 15,300.
This offer is only valid for 2 weeks so please come soon!
Available in all standard Chapeau! sizes.


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