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In the early part of June a few members of NORU Kyoto had the opportunity to join the Tantan Longride, a cycling event which features two distinct courses along the Japanese seaside.  This year’s participants topped 1,527 cyclists, keen to cycle Kyoto’s beautiful coastline over car-free roads.

Our “pop-up shop” was a fun opportunity to showcase our newest selection of cycling apparel, with the Chapeau! women’s jerseys proving exceptionally popular.  Kudos to their designer on creating some of the coolest women’s cycling kit out on the market today!












Eager to get back to the finish line early the guys at NORU Kyoto powered through the 100km course, getting across the line with the first group of 10 riders.

Of course riding along the coast of Japan would not be complete without a quick picture of giant crab and girl in yukata.